Lucent English Grammar Book Pdf

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Lucent English Grammar Book Pdf
Lucent English Grammar Book

Content in the Lucent English Grammar Book Pdf

In this pdf book, There are a total of 39 chapters. These names are the following:-

  1. Syntax
  2. Articles
  3. Noun
  4. Noun and the Number
  5. Noun and the Gender
  6. Non and the Case
  7. Pronoun
  8. Adjective
  9. Interchange of degree of comparison
  10. Time and Tense
  11. Narration
  12. Voice
  13. Removal of Too
  14. Verb
  15. Verb Form
  16. Auxiliary Verbs
  17. Adverb
  18. Preposition
  19. Conjunction
  20. Non – finite
  21. Question Tags
  22. Emphatic with Do/Does/Did
  23. Common Error
  24. Correction of the Sentences
  25. Transformation of sentences– I
  26. Analysis of Sentences
  27. Transformation of Sentences– II
  28. Synthesis of Sentences
  29. Synonyms
  30. Antonyms
  31. One Word Substitution
  32. Phrasal Verbs
  33. Words Often Confused
  34. Idioms and Phrases
  35. Proverbs
  36. Foreign Words and Phrases
  37. Spelling Test
  38. Miscellaneous
  39. The Same word is used in Different Parts of Speech

Important Questions of English Grammar

Identify the adverb in the sentence: “She sings very loudly.”
a) She
b) sings
c) very
d) loudly
Ans. d) loudly

What is the plural form of “ox”?
a) oxen
b) oxes
c) oxer
d) ox’s
Ans. a) oxen

Which word is a conjunction in the sentence: “I wanted to go, but it rained”?
a) I
b) wanted
c) but
d) rained
Ans. c) but

What is the correct comparative form of the adjective “bad”?
a) badder
b) badly
c) worse
d) worst
Ans. c) worse

In the sentence “They had finished their homework,” what is the tense of the verb “had finished”?
a) Present continuous
b) Past perfect
c) Present perfect
d) Future perfect
Ans. b) Past perfect

Which sentence is written in the active voice?
a) The cake was eaten by the children.
b) The children ate the cake.
c) The song was sung beautifully.
d) The letter was written by Mary.
Ans. b) The children ate the cake.

What is the correct form of the verb “to be” in the present simple tense for the pronoun “I”?
a) is
b) am
c) are
d) be
Ans. b) am

Which of the following is a subordinating conjunction?
a) and
b) because
c) however
d) although
Ans. b) because

Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence: “He _ the piano every day.”
a) play
b) playing
c) plays
d) played
Ans. c) plays

Important MCQs of English Grammar

Which sentence is in the imperative mood?
a) She is reading a book.
b) Please pass the salt.
c) They went to the store.
d) I like ice cream.
Ans. b) Please pass the salt.

Identify the preposition in the sentence: “The cat hid under the bed.”
a) hid
b) cat
c) under
d) bed
Ans. c) under

What is the plural form of “man”?
a) mans
b) manes
c) men
d) man’s
Ans. c) men

Which word is an adverb in the sentence: “She works quite efficiently”?
a) She
b) works
c) quite
d) efficiently
Ans. d) efficiently

What is the correct superlative form of the adjective “tall”?
a) taller
b) more tall
c) tallest
d) talliest
Ans. c) tallest

In the sentence “The letter was written by Mary,” what is the subject?
a) letter
b) Mary
c) was
d) written
Ans. a) letter

What is the antonym of “beautiful”?
a) Pretty
b) Ugly
c) Lovely
d) Attractive
Ans. b) Ugly

Which sentence contains a gerund?
a) He will swim in the pool.
b) She loves dancing.
c) They are studying for the exam.
d) I want to read that book.
Ans. b) She loves dancing.

What is the past tense of the verb “sing”?
a) singing
b) sings
c) sang
d) sung
Ans. c) sang

Which of the following is a possessive pronoun?
a) It
b) Its
c) It’s
d) Itself
Ans. b) Its

Details of the pdf of Lucent English Grammar Book

Book NameLucents General English for All Competitive Exams
Author NameA.K. Thakur
Pdf LanguageHinglish
Pdf Size166 MB
Total Pages557
Details Lucent English Grammar Book

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