Gopal Verma English Book Pdf

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Gopal Verma English Book Pdf
Gopal Verma English Book Pdf

Contents in Gopal Verma English Book

In the Gopal English Book pdf, There are 4 sections with a total of 26 chapters. These Topics are the followings:

Section-A: Descriptive Grammar

  1. Time & Tenses
  2. Modal Auxiliaries
  3. Conditional Sentence
  4. Question Tag
  5. Active & Passive Voice
  6. Direct & Indirect Speech (Narration)

Section B: Functional Grammar

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Adjective
  4. Verb and Verb Advance
  5. Adverb
  6. Conjunction
  7. Preposition
  8. Articles

Section-C: Determiners-Quantifiers & Vocabulary

  1. Superfluous Expression
  2. Subject Verb Agreement (Syntax)
  3. Word Meaning
  4. Root Words
  5. Synonyms
  6. Antonyms
  7. One Word Substitution
  8. Idioms and Phrases
  9. Correctly Spelt Word

Section-D: Comprehension Skills

  1. Reading Comprehension Passages
  2. Cloze-Test
  3. Sentence Arrangement & Para-Jumbled

Important Questions of English Grammar

Question 1:
Which sentence is grammatically incorrect?
A) She has been working here since three years.
B) I have already finished my homework.
C) The cat and the dog plays in the garden.
D) He is the tallest boy in the class.

Answer: A) She has been working here since three years.

Question 2:
Choose the correct word to complete the sentence:
I _ my keys on the table.
A) leave
B) has left
C) left
D) had left

Answer: C) left

Question 3:
What is the comparative form of the adjective “beautiful”?
A) beautifuler
B) beautifuller
C) more beautiful
D) beautifullier

Answer: C) more beautiful

Question 4:
Identify the correctly punctuated sentence:
A) I love to hike, swim and rock climb.
B) I love to hike swim, and rock climb.
C) I love to hike, swim, and rock climb.
D) I love to hike, swim and, rock climb.

Answer: C) I love to hike, swim, and rock climb.

Question 5:
Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence:
If I _ harder, I would have passed the exam.
A) studied
B) had studied
C) have studied
D) was studying

Answer: B) had studied

Question 6:
Which sentence is in the passive voice?
A) The teacher praised the students for their hard work.
B) The students praised the teacher for her excellent teaching.
C) The book fascinated me with its thrilling plot.
D) The car hit the tree during the storm.

Answer: D) The car hit the tree during the storm.

Book Details of English book pdf

Book NameThe English Acumen Grammar + Vocabulary + Comprehension
Author NameGopal Verma
Pdf LanguageEnglish- Hindi Mix
Pdf Size188 MB
Total Pages817
Book Details

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