Arihant English Grammar Book Pdf

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This book is very important for the various competitive exams in India like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, LDC, HSSC, CTET, CET, and all other exams.

Arihant English Grammar Book Pdf
Arihant English Grammar Book Pdf

Contents in Arihant English Grammar Book Pdf

In this pdf book, There are a total of 69 chapters. These names are the following:

  1. Some Basic Terms of English
  2. Know the English Fundamentals
  3. Articles
  4. Translation and Tense
  5. Sequence of Tense
  6. Noun
  7. Pronoun
  8. Determiners/Adjectives
  9. Adverbs
  10. The Verbs
  11. Syntax: Subject-Verb Agreement
  12. Non-Finites
  13. Participle
  14. Gerund
  15. Reported Speech (Direct-Indirect Narrations)
  16. Active Voice Passive Voice
  17. Preposition
  18. Conjunctions
  19. The Interjection (!)
  20. Transformation of Sentences
  21. Conditional Sentences
  22. Unenglish & Superfluous Expressions
  23. Question Framing
  24. Question Tag
  25. Use of Capital Letters and Punctuation
  26. Formation of Words
  27. Spelling Rules
  28. Sentence Structure and Analysis
  29. Synthesis of Sentences
  30. Phrasal Verbs
  31. Idioms and Phrases
  32. A Few Proverbs
  33. Spotting the Errors
  34. Cloze Test/Cloze Passage
  35. Phrase Substitution or Sentence Improvement
  36. Ordering of Sentences
  37. Double Blanks in a Sentence
  38. Miscellaneous Exercises (Correct the Sentences)
  39. Word Power
  40. Synonyms
  41. Antonyms
  42. Hindi Words
  43. Antonyms/Synonyms
  44. Homonyms
  45. Contronyms
  46. Heteronyms
  47. Palindromes
  48. Pangrams
  49. Unusual Word Forms
  50. Homographs
  51. Paronyms
  52. One Word Substitutions
  53. Foreign Words
  54. Group Terms
  55. Related Pairs of Words
  56. Choosing Appropriate Words
  57. Specific Use of Words (Similar Meaning)
  58. Words Never Used in Good Sense
  59. Words Used as Different Parts of Speech
  60. Some Peculiar Expressions
  61. Animals, Males, Females, Youngs, and Group Terms
  62. Collective Names of Animals
  63. Young Ones of Animals
  64. Words Used in the Constitution
  65. Paragraph Writing
  66. Letter Writing
  67. Precis Writing
  68. Report Writing
  69. Comprehension

Important Questions of English Grammar for Competitive Exams

What is the plural form of “person”?
a) Persons
b) Peoples
c) People
d) Person’s
Answer: c) People

Which word is a pronoun in the sentence:
“She gave me a book.”
a) She
b) Gave
c) Me
d) Book
Answer: c) Me

What is the comparative form of “bad”?
a) Baddest
b) Worse
c) Badder
d) Bader
Answer: b) Worse

Identify the infinitive form of the verb in the sentence:
“I need to finish my homework.”
a) Need
b) Finish
c) Homework
d) My
Answer: b) Finish

Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence:
“She is allergic __ cats.”
a) for
b) on
c) with
d) to
Answer: d) to

What is the superlative form of “quick”?
a) Quicker
b) Quickest
c) Quickiest
d) Quickie
Answer: b) Quickest

Identify the conjunction in the sentence:
“I like both ice cream and cake.”
a) I
b) Like
c) Both
d) And
Answer: d) And

Important MCQs of English Grammar for SSC and Bank

Choose the correct article:
__ elephant is the largest land animal.”
a) A
b) An
c) The
d) No article needed
Answer: c) The

Identify the reflexive pronoun in the sentence:
“She washed herself.”
a) She
b) Washed
c) Herself
d) Wash
Answer: c) Herself

What is the past participle form of the verb “drink”?
a) Drinked
b) Drinken
c) Drank
d) Eaten
Answer: c) Drank

Choose the correct antonym for “joyful”:
a) Happy
b) Sad
c) Excited
d) Jovial
Answer: b) Sad

Identify the adverbial phrase in the sentence:
“He ran as fast as he could.”
a) He ran
b) As fast
c) Could
d) As fast as he could
Answer: d) As fast as he could

Which sentence is in the past continuous tense?
a) They will arrive soon.
b) I was reading a book yesterday.
c) She sings beautifully.
d) He cooks dinner every evening.
Answer: b) I was reading a book yesterday.

What is the plural form of “man”?
a) Mans
b) Mens
c) Men
d) Man’s
Answer: c) Men

Identify the direct object in the sentence:
“She gave him a gift.”
a) She
b) Gave
c) Him
d) Gift
Answer: d) Gift

Details of the pdf of Arihant English Grammar Book

Book NameEnglish Grammar & Composition
Author NameS.C. Gupta
Pdf LanguageHinglish
Pdf Size11 Mb
Total Pages975
Details of Arihant’s English book

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