Aquatic Therapy Exercises Pdf

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Aquatic Therapy Exercises Pdf
Aquatic Therapy Exercises

Type of Aquatic Therapy Exercises

1. Exercises for the Spine

  • Pelvic Roll
  • Standing crunch/trunk rotation (SHALLOW)
  • Straight leg raises (DEEP)
  • Trunk Rotations (DEEP)
  • Aerobic recommendations
  • Single leg balance (SHALLOW)

2. Exercises for the knees and hips

  • Hamstring Stretch (Shallow)
  • Step ups (SHALLOW)
  • Hip Extension (SHALLOW)
  • Hip Adductor Stretch (SHALLOW)
  • Single Leg Bicycling (SHALLOW)
  • Hip Internal/External Rotation (SHALLOW)
  • Jumping Jacks (SHALLOW or DEEP
  • Double Knee Lift (SHALLOW or DEEP)
  • Hip Abduction (SHALLOW or DEEP)
  • Flexion with External Rotation (SHALLOW or DEEP)
  • Double Knee Bends (SHALLOW or DEEP)
  • Single Knee Extension (SHALLOW or DEEP)

3. Exercises for the shoulder/elbow

  • Shoulder Stretches (SHALLOW)
  • Shoulder Stretches Internal Rotation (SHALLOW)
  • External Rotation Stretch (SHALLOW)
  • Shoulder Press Down (SHALLOW)
  • Shoulder Flexion/Extension and Abduction/Adduction (SHALLOW or DEEP)
  • Bent arm pull (DEEP or SHALLOW)
  • Wave (DEEP or SHALLOW)

Top Aquatic Therapy Exercises

  1. Water Walking:
  2. Leg Lifts:
  3. Aquatic Yoga:
  4. Water Aerobics:
  5. Resistance Band Exercises:

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