50 Sentences of Active and Passive voice

50 Sentences of Active and Passive voice: active & Passive voice examples, questions, definition, top examples of active to passive. Understanding and effectively using active and passive voice can significantly elevate your writing skills. These grammatical structures provide versatility and impact the clarity and flow of your sentences. In this article, we will explore 50 unique sentences, each presented in both active and passive voice, to help you grasp the nuances of each form. So, let’s dive in and master the art of active and passive voice!

50 Sentences of Active and Passive voice
50 Sentences of Active and Passive voice

Top Sentences of Active and Passive voice

1. Active: The children built a magnificent sandcastle on the beach.
Passive: A magnificent sandcastle was built on the beach by the children.

2. Active: He solved complex math problem with ease.
Passive: The complex math problem was solved with ease by him.

3. Active: The company launched an innovative marketing campaign.
Passive: An innovative marketing campaign was launched by the company.

4. Active: They planted flowers in the garden.
Passive: Flowers were planted in the garden by them.

5. Active: The mechanic repaired my car’s engine.
Passive: My car’s engine was repaired by the mechanic.

6. Active: The teacher assigned homework to the students.
Passive: Homework was assigned to the students by the teacher.

7. Active: The scientist discovered a new species of butterfly.
Passive: A new species of butterfly was discovered by the scientist.

8. Active: She wrote a captivating story that touched hearts.
Passive: A captivating story that touched hearts was written by her.

9. Active: They organized a charity event to support the homeless.
Passive: A charity event to support the homeless was organized by them.

10. Active: The chef cooked a delicious three-course meal.
Passive: A delicious three-course meal was cooked by the chef.

Top 10 Questions of Active & Passive Voice

11. Active: The police apprehended the suspect in the park.
Passive: The suspect was apprehended in the park by the police.

12. Active: The students presented their research findings to the class.
Passive: The research findings were presented to the class by the students.

13. Active: He designed an eye-catching logo for the company.
Passive: An eye-catching logo for the company was designed by him.

14. Active: The construction crew completed the building ahead of schedule.
Passive: The building was completed ahead of schedule by the construction crew.

15. Active: The team won the championship with their exceptional skills.
Passive: The championship was won with exceptional skills by the team.

16. Active: They organized a surprise birthday party for their friend.
Passive: A surprise birthday party for their friend was organized by them.

17. Active: The audience gave a standing ovation to the performers.
Passive: A standing ovation was given to the performers by the audience.

18. Active: She wrote a heartfelt poem that stirred emotions.
Passive: A heartfelt poem that stirred emotions was written by her.

19. Active: The teacher explained the concept to the students.
Passive: The concept was explained to the students by the teacher.

20. Active: They launched a successful fundraising campaign.
Passive: A successful fundraising campaign was launched by them.

Best 10 Sentences of Active and passive voice

21. Active: The photographer captured stunning images of nature.
Passive: Stunning images of nature were captured by the photographer.

22. Active: The committee approved the proposal for the project.
Passive: The proposal for the project was approved by the committee.

23. Active: He composed a melodious song that touched souls.
Passive: A melodious song that touched souls was composed by him.

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24. Active: The volunteers cleaned up the beach after the event.
Passive: The beach was cleaned up after the event by the volunteers.

25. Active: They constructed a bridge to connect the two islands.
Passive: A bridge to connect the two islands was constructed by them.

26. Active: The company awarded her the Employee of the Month title.
Passive: The Employee of the Month title was awarded to her by the company.

27. Active: The team developed an innovative solution to the problem.
Passive: An innovative solution to the problem was developed by the team.

28. Active: The doctor performed life-saving surgery on the patient.
Passive: A life-saving surgery was performed on the patient by the doctor.

29. Active: They organized a successful conference on environmental conservation.
Passive: A successful conference on environmental conservation was organized by them.

30. Active: The artist created a masterpiece that mesmerized viewers.
Passive: A masterpiece that mesmerized viewers was created by the artist.

Top 50 sentences of Active & passive Vice for competitive exams

31. Active: The architect designed a sustainable building for the community.
Passive: A sustainable building for the community was designed by the architect.

32. Active: They discovered a hidden treasure in the old ruins.
Passive: A hidden treasure in the old ruins was discovered by them.

33 Active: The teacher inspired her students with an engaging lesson.
Passive: The students were inspired with an engaging lesson by the teacher.

34. Active: The team developed a groundbreaking software solution.
Passive: A groundbreaking software solution was developed by the team.

35. Active: He wrote a thought-provoking article on social issues.
Passive: A thought-provoking article on social issues was written by him.

36. Active: The company introduced a new line of eco-friendly products.
Passive: A new line of eco-friendly products was introduced by the company.

37. Active: They constructed a playground for the neighborhood children.
Passive: A playground for the neighborhood children was constructed by them.

38. Active: The lawyer presented a compelling argument in court.
Passive: A compelling argument in the court was presented by the lawyer.

39Active: The students asked insightful questions during the lecture.
Passive: Insightful questions were asked by the students during the lecture.

40. Active: The chef prepared a delectable feast for the guests.
Passive: A delectable feast for the guests was prepared by the chef.

Top 50 Examples of Active and Passive Voice

41. Active: They organized a successful campaign to raise awareness.
Passive: A successful campaign to raise awareness was organized by them.

41. Active: The speaker delivered an inspiring speech at the conference.
Passive: An inspiring speech at the conference was delivered by the speaker.

43. Active: The team completed the project within the specified deadline.
Passive: The project was completed within the specified deadline by the team.

44. Active: They built a strong foundation for their friendship.
Passive: A strong foundation for their friendship was built by them.

45. Active: The students presented their scientific findings to the panel.
Passive: The scientific findings were presented to the panel by the students.

46. Active: The photographer took breathtaking photos of the sunset.
Passive: Breathtaking photos of the sunset were taken by the photographer.

47. Active: He invented a revolutionary device that transformed lives.
Passive: A revolutionary device that transformed lives was invented by him.

48. Active: The company acquired a small startup to expand its operations.
Passive: A small startup was acquired by the company to expand its operations.

49. A: Sarah painted a beautiful landscape.
P: A beautiful landscape was painted by Sarah.

50. Active: They designed an intuitive user interface for the mobile app.
Passive: An intuitive user interface for the mobile app was designed by them.