Low Glycemic Index Foods List Pdf

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The low-glycemic index (low-GI) diet is a well-known eating plan that spotlights the glycemic file of food sources, which estimates their effect on glucose levels.

By integrating low-GI food sources into your meals, the Low Glycemic Record Food Sources Rundown PDF article investigates the advantages of a low-GI diet, gives a rundown of low-GI food varieties, and offers ways to integrate them into dinners and recipes.

Low Glycemic Index Foods List Pdf
Low Glycemic Index Foods List Pdf

The Glycemic Index Food Chart PDF:

which is a mathematical scale used to gauge how rapidly and how much a specific food raises glucose levels when contrasted with a reference food (normally glucose or white bread). It positions starches on a scale from 0 to 100.

The range of the glycemic index can be categorized as follows:-

Low GI: 0-55 Foods with a low GI value are digested and absorbed more slowly, causing a slower and smaller rise in blood sugar levels.

Medium GI: 56-69 Foods with a medium GI value are digested and absorbed at a moderate rate, resulting in a moderate increase in blood sugar levels.

High GI: 70 and above Foods with a high GI value are digested and absorbed quickly, leading to a rapid and significant spike in blood sugar levels.

Low GI FoodsGI Range
Legumes and Beans0-50
Whole Grains0-57
Nuts and Seeds0-32
Dairy Products0-27
Protein Sources0
Low Gi food
Medium GI FoodsGI Range
Whole Wheat Products56-69
Basmati Rice56-69
Sweet Potatoes63-66
Spaghetti (White)49-64
Medium GI food
High GI FoodsGI Range
White Bread70-85
Corn Flakes74
Rice Cakes78-91
Instant Rice87-99
Mashed Potatoes70-85
Sugary Cereals70-80+
High GI food

Low Glycemic Index Foods List PDF along with GI values:


1. Legumes and Beans:

   – Lentils (GI: 32)

   – Chickpeas (GI: 33)

   – Kidney beans (GI: 34)

   – Black beans (GI: 30)

   – Pinto beans (GI: 45)

   – Navy beans (GI: 38)

   – Lima beans (GI: 32)

   – Adzuki beans (GI: 35)

   – Black-eyed peas (GI: 42)

   – Mung beans (GI: 25)


2. Fruits:

   – Apples (GI: 39)

   – Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) (GI: 40-41)

   – Cherries (GI: 22)

   – Grapefruit (GI: 25)

   – Oranges (GI: 40)

   – Peaches (GI: 42)

   – Pears (GI: 38)

   – Plums (GI: 39)

   – Apricots (GI: 34)

   – Kiwi (GI: 39)


3. Vegetables:

   – Broccoli (GI: 10)

   – Cauliflower (GI: 15)

   – Spinach (GI: 15)

   – Bell peppers (GI: 15)

   – Tomatoes (GI: 15)

   – Cabbage (GI: 10)

   – Asparagus (GI: 15)

   – Zucchini (GI: 15)

   – Brussels sprouts (GI: 10)

   – Green beans (GI: 15)

4. Whole Grains:

   – Quinoa (GI: 53)

   – Brown rice (GI: 50)

   – Oatmeal (GI: 55)

   – Barley (GI: 28)

   – Bulgur wheat (GI: 48)

   – Whole wheat bread (GI: 50)

   – Whole wheat pasta (GI: 37)

   – Rye bread (GI: 45)

   – Buckwheat (GI: 51)

   – Wild rice (GI: 57)

5. Nuts and Seeds:

   – Almonds (GI: 0)

   – Walnuts (GI: 15)

   – Flaxseeds (GI: 32)

   – Chia seeds (GI: 1)

   – Pumpkin seeds (GI: 10)

   – Sunflower seeds (GI: 15)

   – Sesame seeds (GI: 42)

   – Hemp seeds (GI: 30)

   – Pecans (GI: 0)

   – Cashews (GI: 25)

6. Dairy Products:

   – Greek yogurt (GI: 11)

   – Skim milk (GI: 32)

   – Cottage cheese (GI: 10)

   – Plain yogurt (GI: 14)

   – Mozzarella cheese (GI: 0)

   – Cheddar cheese (GI: 0)

   – Swiss cheese (GI: 0)

   – Feta cheese (GI: 14)

   – Ricotta cheese (GI: 27)

   – Parmesan cheese (GI: 0)

7. Protein Sources:

   – Chicken breast (GI: 0)

   – Turkey breast (GI: 0)

   – Fish (salmon, cod, tuna) (GI: 0)

   – Tofu (GI: 15)

   – Eggs (GI: 0)

   – Lean beef (GI: 0)

   – Pork tenderloin (GI: 0)

   – Lamb (GI: 0)

   – Venison (GI: 0)

   – Bison (GI: 0)

How can the glycemic index be used practically in meal planning?

The glycemic record can be utilized essentially in dinner arranging by choosing food sources with lower GI values. This incorporates picking entire grains, vegetables, non-dull vegetables, and natural products.

Consolidating food sources with various glycemic list values, like matching high GI food sources with protein, fiber, or solid fats, can assist with directing the, generally speaking, glycemic reaction of a dinner.

It is additionally useful to zero in on general dietary equilibrium and assortment to guarantee sufficient supplement admission.

Meal plan for each day of the week

showcasing how you can incorporate low-GI foods into your diet:-


  • Breakfast: Cereal (moved oats), milk, chia seeds with berries.
  • Lunch: Firm salmon aglio olio pasta (with entire grain pasta and olive oil), low-fat natural product yogurt for dessert.
  • Supper: Spanish chicken with tomatoes, onions, and yellow pepper.


  • Breakfast: Buckwheat flapjacks.
  • Lunch: Meat pan sear with vegetables, presented with long grain rice.
  • Supper: Chicken pumpkin and quinoa soup.


  • Breakfast: Entire grain toast with curds.
  • Lunch: Fresh pork cleaves with rich garlic sauce.
  • Supper: Sautéed sardines with garlic and onion.


  • Breakfast: Fish omelet with mushrooms, spinach, tomato, and cheddar.
  • Lunch: Margarine cooked garlic chorizo broiled rice with carrots.
  • Supper: Chicken adobo stew (made with soy sauce) and toasted garlic bits.


  • Breakfast: Feta cheddar and corned hamburger sandwich (with entire grain bread).
  • Lunch: Meatballs in pureed tomatoes.
  • Supper: Barbecued milkfish presented with green beans.


  • Breakfast: Anchovies and quinoa bowl finished off with a just right egg.
  • Lunch: Chickpea stew.
  • Supper: Sourdough margherita pizza.


  • Breakfast: Breakfast burrito made of wheat tortilla, ground meat, cherry tomatoes

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