DC Pandey Objective Physics for NEET

DC Pandey Objective Physics for NEET: DC Pandey Physics for Jee Pdf free download, DC Pandey Physics Pdf, if you are looking for the best books of Physics for JEE, NEET, and other competitive exams in the world. This book is very important for the JEE, and NEET, so if you are preparing for the neet, jee so you should read this book.

DC Pandey Objective Physics for NEET
DC Pandey Objective Physics for NEET

Contents in DC Pandey Objective Physics for NEET

In this pdf book, There are 5 parts with a total of 36 chapters-

Mechanics Volume 1:

  1. Basic Mathematics
  2. Measurement and Errors
  3. Experiments
  4. Units and Dimensions
  5. Vectors
  6. Kinematics
  7. Projectile Motion
  8. Laws of Motion
  9. Work, Energy, and Power
  10. Circular Motion

Mechanics Volume 2:

  1. Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, and Collision
  2. Rotational Mechanics
  3. Gravitation
  4. Simple Harmonic Motion
  5. Elasticity
  6. Fluid Mechanics

Waves and Thermodynamics:

  1. Wave Motion
  2. Superposition of Waves
  3. Sound Waves
  4. Thermometry, Thermal Expansion & Kinetic Theory of Gases
  5. Laws of Thermodynamics
  6. Calorimetry & Heat Transfer

Electricity & Magnetism:

  1. Current Electricity
  2. Electrostatics
  3. Capacitors
  4. Magnetics
  5. Electromagnetic Induction
  6. Alternating Current

Optics & Modern Physics:

  1. Electromagnetic Waves
  2. Reflection of Light
  3. Refraction of Light
  4. Interference and Diffraction of Light
  5. Modern Physics-1
  6. Modern Physics-2
  7. Semiconductors
  8. Communication System

Important Objective Questions in DC Pandey Physics book PDF

Which of the following quantities is a scalar?
a) Velocity
b) Force
c) Acceleration
d) Distance
Answer: d) Distance

The unit of capacitance is:
a) Ampere (A)
b) Ohm (Ω)
c) Coulomb (C)
d) Farad (F)
Answer: d) Farad (F)

The process of converting a solid directly into a gas without passing through the liquid phase is called:
a) Sublimation
b) Evaporation
c) Condensation
d) Fusion
Answer: a) Sublimation

Important Questions of Physics for IIT, JEE

The resistance of a wire depends on its:
a) Length
b) Diameter
c) Material
d) All of the above
Answer: d) All of the above

Which of the following statements is true about electromagnetic waves?
a) They require a medium to propagate.
b) They can travel through a vacuum.
c) They have a longitudinal nature of propagation.
d) They have a fixed wavelength.
Answer: b) They can travel through a vacuum.

Which of the following equations represents Ohm’s law?
a) V = IR
b) I = V/R
c) R = VI
d) V = I/R
Answer: d) V = I/R

Which of the following quantities is a vector?
a) Speed
b) Distance
c) Displacement
d) Time
Answer: c) Displacement

Book Details

Book NameUnderstanding Physics JEE Main and Advanced
Author NameD.C. Pandey
Pdf LanguageEnglish
Pdf PartVolume 1-5
Pdf Size26, 25.8, 24, 13.5 & 15.6 MB
Total Pages637, 686, 464, 778 & 559
book details

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To download the Physics book pdf for NEET and IIT you can download it by the link given below or you can buy it from Amazon. Physics Mechanics Volume 1 Pdf Download

DC Pandey Physics Mechanics Volume 2

DC Pandey Physics Waves and Thermodynamics Pdf

DC Pandey Physics Electricity and Magnetism Pdf

DC Pandey Physics Optics and Modern Physics Pdf

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