Atkins Physical Chemistry Pdf

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Atkins Physical Chemistry Pdf
Atkins Physical Chemistry

Contents in Atkins Physical Chemistry

In this physical chemistry pdf book, There are 19 chapters. These names are the following:

  • FOCUS 1: The properties of gases
  • FOCUS 2: The First Law
  • FOCUS 3: The Second and Third Laws
  • FOCUS 4: Physical transformations of pure substances
  • FOCUS 5: Simple mixtures
  • FOCUS 6: Chemical equilibrium
  • FOCUS 7: Quantum theory
  • FOCUS 8: Atomic structure and spectra
  • FOCUS 9: Molecular structure
  • FOCUS 10: Molecular symmetry
  • FOCUS 11: Molecular spectroscopy
  • FOCUS 12: Magnetic resonance
  • FOCUS 13: Statistical thermodynamics
  • FOCUS 14: Molecular interactions
  • FOCUS 15: Solids
  • FOCUS 16: Molecules in Motion
  • FOCUS 17: Chemical kinetics
  • FOCUS 18: Reaction dynamics
  • FOCUS 19: Processes at solid surfaces

Details of the Atkins Physical Chemistry

Book NameAtkins Physical Chemistry
Author NamePeter Atkins, Julio de Paula, James Keeler
Pdf LanguageEnglish
Pdf Size74.5 MB
Total Pages940
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