A Das Gupta Maths Pdf

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A Das Gupta Maths Pdf
A Das Gupta Maths Pdf

Contents in A Das Gupta Maths Pdf

In this math pdf book, There are a total of 43 chapters. These are the following:


  1. Progression, Related Inequalities, and Series
  2. Determinants and Cramer’s Rule
  3. Equations, Inequations, and Expressions
  4. Complex Numbers
  5. Permutation and Combination
  6. Binomial Theorem for Positive Integral Index
  7. Principle of Mathematical Induction (PMI)
  8. Infinite Series
  9. Matrices


  1. Circular Functions, Identities
  2. Solution of Equations
  3. Inverse Circular Functions
  4. Trigonometrical Inequalities and Inequations
  5. Logarithm
  6. Properties of Triangle
  7. Heights and Distances

Coordinate Geometry

  1. Coordinates and Straight Lines
  2. Pair of Straight Lines and Transformation of Axes
  3. Circles
  4. Parabola
    21 Ellipse and Hyperbola


  1. Functions
  2. Differentiation
  3. Limit, Indeterminate Form
  4. Continuity, Differentiability, and Graph of Function
  5. Application of dy/dx
  6. Maxima and Minima
  7. Monotonic Function and Lagrange’s Theorem
  8. Indefinite Integration of Elementary Functions
  9. Indefinite Integration of Rational and Irrational Functions
  10. Definite Integration
  11. Properties and Application of Definite Integrals
  12. Area
  13. Differential Equation of the First Order


  1. Vectors and Addition of Vectors
  2. Product of Two Vectors
  3. Product of Three or More Vectors
  4. Application of Vectors


  1. Elementary Probability
  2. Total Conditional Probability and Bayes Theorem

Coordinate Geometry of Three Dimensions

  1. Points, Direction cosines, and Direction ratios
  2. Equations of a straight line in space
  3. Planes

Important Questions of Coordinate Geometry for IIT JEE

In the Cartesian coordinate system, which axis is usually represented horizontally?
a) x-axis
b) y-axis
c) z-axis
d) None of the above
Ans. a) x-axis

What are the coordinates of the origin in the Cartesian plane?
a) (0, 1)
b) (1, 0)
c) (0, 0)
d) (1, 1)
Ans. c) (0, 0)

The distance between two points with coordinates (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is given by:
a) |x1 – x2| + |y1 – y2|
b) √[(x2 – x1)² + (y2 – y1)²]
c) |x1 + x2| + |y1 + y2|
d) √[(x2 + x1)² + (y2 + y1)²]
Ans. b) √[(x2 – x1)² + (y2 – y1)²]

The equation of a vertical line is of the form:
a) y = mx + b
b) x = c
c) y = mx
d) x = my
Ans. b) x = c

What is the slope of a horizontal line?
a) -1
b) 0
c) 1
d) Undefined
Ans. b) 0

The slope-intercept form of a linear equation is given as:
a) y = mx + b
b) x = c
c) y = mx
d) x = my
Ans. a) y = mx + b

The point (3, 4) lies in which quadrant of the Cartesian plane?
a) Quadrant I
b) Quadrant II
c) Quadrant III
d) Quadrant IV
Ans. a) Quadrant I

What is the equation of a circle with center (h, k) and radius r in the Cartesian plane?
a) (x – h)² + (y – k)² = r²
b) (x + h)² + (y + k)² = r²
c) (x – r)² + (y – r)² = h² + k²
d) (x + r)² + (y + r)² = h² + k²
Ans. a) (x – h)² + (y – k)² = r²

What is the equation of a straight line with slope m passing through the point (x₁, y₁)?
a) y = mx – x₁ + y₁
b) y = mx + x₁ – y₁
c) y = mx + (y₁ – mx₁)
d) y = mx + (x₁ – my₁)
Ans. c) y = mx + (y₁ – mx₁)

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Book NameIIT mathematics by A Das Gupta
Author NameA Das Gupta
Pdf LanguageEnglish
Pdf Size128 MB
Total Pages375
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